Bitacoras y bibliotecarios

Se puede leer en Weblogs:
Their Use and Application in Science and Technology Libraries (pdf)
artículo sobre bitácoras y bibliotecarios, que vi en [paper] Utilizaç?o de weblogs em bibliotecas especializadas.

Algunos trozos:

Blogs are commonly solo projects, but are also extremely success- ful as community projects. Slashdot's "News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters" typifies the community blog, as demonstrated by its core group of authors and thousands of story-seekers who contribute news items and ideas for the site. Essentially, weblogs allow for simplified Web publishing (Lindahl 2003).


Social software " . . . refers to various, loosely connected types of applica- tions that allow individuals to communicate with one another, and to track discussions across the Web as they happen" (Tepper 2003). Boyd identified three principles of social software, which he suggests paint a picture of a "bottom-up" rather than a "top-down" application of the technology. In his view, social software offers: "Support for conversational interaction be- tween individuals or groups"; "Support for social feedback"; and "Support for social networks" (Boyd, accessed December 7, 2004).


... it's about co-evolution: people in personal contact, inter- acting towards their own ends, influencing each other.

Me ha recordado aquél que apareció hace hace algún tiempo, en Catalan: Weblogs: un nou espai per l'aprenentatge (pdf).

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